Ferrell Fire Company


      The following is a brief history of the Ferrell Fire Company and Ambulance taken from the minutes of the fire company and the memories of Nate Pino, Mike Pino, Charlie Brant, and Mrs. Cyril Iles.

      Sometime during the very cold winter of 1937 or 1938, a resident of Ferrell lost his home due to fire when the responding apparatus coming from across town lost its ability to pump water. The responding apparatus' pump had frozen. This fire prompted some of the Ferrell residents to ask that a fire engine be housed in their community. For whatever reason, this request was denied. 

      Several years later, on August 16th, 1945, a group of men met to form the Ferrell Fire Company. The second meeting took place on August 20th, 1945. It  has been said by some that Jacob Bischoff was the driving force to get the following men out to those first two meetings: Jacob Bischoff, Herb Frye, Alec Iles, Cyril Iles, Lewis Mood, Ben Cassaday, Warren Cassaday, Walter VanLear, John VanLear, Emerson Kier, George Driver, Ray Nutt, Tony Cucinotta, Richard Iles, Bruno Chila, Jones Rucker, Henry Laux, John Miller, George Hubsmitt, Charles Brant, Nate Pino, Jr. Cassaday and Roy Cassaday. Thus Jacob Bischoff was elected the first president to the Ferrell Volunteer Fire Company. And Herb Frye was elected Chief and Lewis Mood was elected Assistant Chief. At this meeting, it was agreed to try to acquire the old school to use and build a fire house at that site. The engine room was to be 20 x 36 feet with four windows. The members constructed this building which still stands connected to the old school. The school had been built in 1875. It was agreed at this meeting that dues would be 10 cents per month.

      The first fire truck was a 1927 REO that was purchased from the Westville Fire Company for $225.00. It was garaged on route 538 about ½ miles east of the present fire house, until the fire house was constructed in 1945. A 1940 Ford fuel oil truck was purchased and converted to a pumper, and a 1948 Ford was purchased from Jones Nursery. On this truck, the members constructed a fire engine, pump, and a tank completely from scratch.

      The following trucks were purchased by the Ferrell Fire Company. The order of purchase may not be exact.

1955 Ford Pumper

From Deptford


1954 Ford Pumper

From Highland Chemical


1960 Ford Pumper

From Highland Chemical


1939 Brockway Pumper

From Thorofare


1945 Federal Pumper

From Sewell


1956 Chevy Rescue Truck

From Villas


1965 White Gas Tractor

From Colonial Tank Lines


1966 White Diesel Tractor

From Colonial Tank Lines



From Haddonfield


Tank Trailer

From Hess Oil


1974 White Tractor Trailer

From Fleetwood, Del.


1968 Hahn

From Washington Twp